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Mission complete: Bus secured

A Kelowna man has successfully traded a button up to a bus in just five trades over a six-week period.
The bus trade is official. - Image Credit: Scale My Life

A Kelowna man has turned a worthless button into a bus.

Scale My Life founder Ryan Lancaster has successfully traded a button up to a bus in just five trades over a six-week period.

From a button, to a tea set, tea set to a camera, camera to a scooter, scooter to a Sea Doo, Sea Doo to a bus.

“In one day I went from being down in the dumps, because I had this Sea Doo that had caused delay, after delay and I was ready to give up and trade down to move on, to getting the Sea Doo going and then getting tagged in a post of a guy trying to sell a bus.”

The propane bus was for sale in Oliver and had already been partially converted to a liveable bus.

“It was really cool, a 1975 International school bus,” said Lancaster.

“I messaged the guy 100 times, trying to get his attention, telling him we needed to connect. I told him my story and about the Sea Doo. I didn’t know if he would be interested, but I even asked him what he would be willing to trade for as I figured I would find that for him.”

The bus owner eventually got back to Lancaster and was actually interested in being a part of this story. As it turned out, the Sea Doo was just what he needed.

“He said he was interested in the Sea Doo as he was going up to the Yukon to do work and the Sea Doo would help him in work he was doing along some rivers,” said Lancaster. “I asked him to not sell it to anyone else so I could get down there.”

With some mechanic friends in tow, he headed to Oliver and Lancaster knew this bus was the one.

“It was like, it this thing runs and he wants the Sea Doo, I’m taking it,” said Lancaster.

“How could I not? It was a massive up step up and it was the bus that I want.”

The owner of the bus made it clear that the deal needed to close that day, a Sunday, so Lancaster, his friends and the owner scrambled to make it happen.

Coming down to the last second at the only insurance broker open on a Sunday evening, the deal was secured and Lancaster’s friend with a commercial license drove the bus back to Kelowna.

“He took the Sea Doo back to Oliver and has since started to follow my blog to watch the adventure,” said Lancaster.

“Now, I have a bus. Is not beautiful, its not perfect, it needs work, but it runs and is partially converted.”

Next Lancaster will be looking for community and corporate sponsors to help get the bus up to snuff and make the cross-country tour possible.

“Now this is real. I have a bus. Dude, I have a bus,” said Lancaster.

“The stars alligned and all of the sudden things are happening.”

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