Lake Country boat landmark destroyed in fire April 1, 2021

Lake Country boat landmark destroyed in fire April 1, 2021

No plans to replace the Holiday Park Resort fire ravaged boat

The historic blue and white boat was destroyed in a fire April 2021 near Lake Country

Holiday Park Resort owner Dan Sigal says the ship has sailed on replacing the historic sailboat that went up in flames one year ago.

The blue and white boat sat at the entrance to Lake Country, on the corner of Highway 97 North and Commonwealth Road, until a fire destroyed it on April 1, 2021.

“We don’t know who or how it happened or what happened exactly. There’s not been any further investigation,” Sigal said. “It’s missed by a lot of people.”

The boat collapsed in the blaze, but Sigal said a few pieces were saved.

“There was a few nails – square, metal nails… Some people might have saved pieces of the wood. I was actually presented with a miniature carved boat and pen made out of the wood from the boat, so that was done by one of our owners…That was a really nice gift.”

Sigal noted the boat couldn’t easily be replaced, even if they wanted to. The property is First Nations owned and it’s not under control of the resort.

“And, I don’t think that you would even be able to put a boat that close to the highway again.”

The resort also has no plans to pursue a replacement for the boat in another location.

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