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Okanagan bikers are trading in their leathers for pink shirts

U.B.A.K.A is raising funds and awarness for victims of bullying

An Okanagan motorcycle group is taking a stand against bullying.

The Kelowna chapter of the Urban Bulldogs Against Kid Abuse (UBAKA) is trading their leathers for pink shirts in support of the national day against-bullying.

UBAKA is an international organization dedicated to protecting vulnerable people from bullying and abuse.

The Bulldogs are selling pink shirts at the Rutland community center flea market on Sunday, Feb. 20, with proceeds from the sales donated to Pink Shirt Day 2022.

“We’re here for the kids,” said Rob German, member of the Kelowna chapter of UBAKA.

“We want to let them they’re not alone.”

The organization is starting a new Junior Bulldogs mentorship program in Kelowna to help children access the tools they need when facing emotional or physical abuse.

UBAKA hopes to provide a safe place for youth to share their struggles “to keep them out of trouble and off the streets,” said German.

German told the West K News how UBAKA works with a team of professionals including psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists to give youth the support they need while overcoming abuse and bullying.

“We want to make sure people are getting the support they need,” said German.

Other members of the Urban Bulldogs added that they also provide support to women and elderly people who are victims of abuse.

The Bulldogs have only been in Kelowna for two years and are looking forward to increasing their presence in the city, as COVID restrictions permit.

In the future, the bikers will be available to support victims facing their abusers in court and hope to organize more initiatives to bring awareness to child abuse and bullying.

Many of UBAKA’s bikers grew up around motorcycles and have been giving back to the community for over 30 years, so becoming a member of the Urban Bulldogs was a natural progression.

In addition to their new mentorship program, the Kelowna chapter is organizing an Easter egg hunt for children this spring.

The Bulldogs said that they are always available to help people in need and can be contacted on their website or the UBAKA Kelowna facebook page.

The Urban Bulldogs Against Kids Abuse is an international non-profit biker organization advocating against child abuse, with chapters throughout the Okanagan, including Penticton.

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