The exhibit runs until Nov. 18 (Photo courtesy of Kelowna’s Amusing Past)

The exhibit runs until Nov. 18 (Photo courtesy of Kelowna’s Amusing Past)

Okanagan Heritage Museum exhibit has something for all Kelowna residents

Kelowna’s Amusing Past exhibit showcases fun side of city and runs until Nov. 18

If you’re looking to discover more about Kelowna’s quirky past, an exhibit at the Okanagan Heritage Museum might be of interest to you.

The Kelowna’s Amusing Past exhibit runs until Nov. 18 and showcases historical amusement parks, festivals and attractions that have helped to transform the city into what it stands for today.

Exhibit attendees will be able to learn more about historical Kelowna influencers like Myta the Smoking Chip, Snogo, and the city’s very own Walt Disney.

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Historical attractions in Kelowna showcased in the exhibit might even surprise some that they existed in the city in the first place — which included an amusement park, a zoo and drive-in movie theatre.

Kelowna Museums Society Amanda Snyder said all Kelownians should come out to the exhibit to learn about the fun side of Kelowna.

“This has been such an exciting exhibit for so many reasons,” said Snyder.

“For those who were unfamiliar with Kelowna’s amusing past, they’ve been absorbed by some of these fascinating spaces and characters from Kelowna’s history.”

Snyder said even long-time Kelowna residents are learning something from the exhibit about the city’s past.

“I know some longtime Kelowna residents have been surprised by some of the stories revealed at this exhibit, and I’ve seen such a broad appeal with Kelowna’s Amusing Past,” said Snyder.

“It genuinely appeals to adults and children alike. It’s a joyous exhibit celebrating a quirky and vital part of the Kelowna story.”

To learn more about the exhibit, you can visit the Kelowna Museum’s website.


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