Okanagan home building awards reflect boom year

Industry booms with 7,000 jobs created and $400 million in wages during record year in Kelowna

  • Jan. 17, 2017 4:00 p.m.

The best in home building will get their due later this month at the 25th annual Tommie Awards.

The Canadian Home Builders Association holds the awards and are reporting there were a record number of entries competing for 39 awards.

That, say organizers, highlights the strengths in the local market.

“Housing starts in Kelowna finished the year strong. Overall, the number of new homes that got underway in 2016 exceeded the 2015’s total housing starts by 72 per cent,” said  Housing Corporation Senior Market Analyst, Taylor Pardy.

The CMHC Housing Starts Report  shows that total housing starts were up to 2,196 for 2016 compared to 1,280 in 2015. This translates into close to 7,000 onsite/offsite jobs created in Kelowna, more than $400 Million in wages that show up in purchases across the entire local economy and more than $800 Million in investment value.

“CHBA members are industry leaders always striving for excellence and providing the best possible home for their buyers.” said Justin O’Connor, Sales Representative, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, President of CHBA Central Okanagan.

“We encourage consumers to ask whether they are working with a CHBA member to ensure highest quality in customer satisfaction.”

Tickets for the Jan. 28 Tommie Awards have already sold out.

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