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Parking rates changing in Kelowna’s downtown

New rates come into effect Oct. 1

Parking rates in downtown Kelowna are changing Oct. 1.

Some event parking rates will go up and some will come down, as a result of a new demand-based rate structure that takes effect Oct. 1 at city-owned lots and parkades in downtown Kelowna, according to the City of Kelowna.

The special rates apply for events that attract significant increases in vehicle traffic to the downtown area, like hockey games, concerts or festivals.

Rates are shifting from a flat rate of $5 to demand-based parking rates of $7 at the Waterfront Park and the Cawston Avenue andSt. Paul lots (an increase of $2), $5 at the Library and Chapman Parkades (unchanged), and $3 at the Memorial Parkade (a decrease of $2). Existing hourly rates in lots with pay parking after 6 p.m. (e.g. police services and Water Street boat launch lots) remain unchanged.

“The new rates better reflect the convenience and desirability of our various downtown parking lots and parkades,” said Dave Duncan, parking services manager. “Essentially, the farther you’re willing to walk to get to your event, the more money you will save.”

Event rates usually go into effect as of 5 p.m. on event days and signs are posted at the affected lots and parkade lots by 8 a.m. No other changes are being made to the existing event parking process and people who pay a daily rate will still have valid parking until 6 p.m.

These changes were approved by city council on Sept. 11 and are consistent with the city-wide Parking Management Strategy. More information about parking and transportation, including an interactive parking map to help you find parking throughout Kelowna, can be found at