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Peachland council restricts building heights on Beach Avenue

A new zone (CR3) limits mixed-use developments to three storeys
A four-storey building on Beach Avenue, approved by a previous Peachland council, under construction in February 2023. (Gary Barnes//Capital News)

Downtown Peachland has likely seen its last tall building on Beach Avenue.

At its June 13 regular meeting council endorsed a new zone (CR3) that restricts mixed-use developments to three storeys.

Councillors raised concerns to staff about properties fronting Beach Ave. that also back onto Highway 97, and if developers might be still permitted to build to three storeys.

“I think in that case we would consider a comprehensive development zone, something more specific to the site,” said Darren Schaal, director of planning and development.

Coun. Keith Thom asked about properties north of Bliss Bakery.

“I suspect you would have a major outcry from that low-rise residential area if all of a sudden there was a three-floor building on Beach Ave.,” he said.

Thom explained that there is a developer who bought a property in that neighbourhood.

Schaal told council that existing zoning in the area is predominately residential.

“The CR3 zone, if it were applied in that area, would be fairly similar in terms of building heights.”

Coun. Rick Ingram noted that council still needs to discuss where mixed use is appropriate.

The height issue caused controversy in the community and threaded its way through last year’s municipal election campaign

This was after the previous council approved a four storey-building on Beach Ave. in a 4-3 vote earlier in 2022.

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