Rescue boat on the job

Rescue boat on the job

Kelowna’s Fire Department rescue boat received two distress calls on July 27

Kelowna Fire Department’s rescue boat went out to one distress call and picked up a second.

“The rescue boat out at the Yacht Club was dispatched to a call of a boat with three people taking on water in the Lakestone area on Okanagan Lake and while they were going out there they were waved down by another boat,” said deputy fire chief Lou Wilde, noting the call was made at around 8 p.m. July 27.

There were two passengers aboard and they were concerned because their engine had gone dead and they needed a tow.

The rescue crew asked them to hold on until they went to the site original call and said they’d be back.

They did a search of the area and learned that the boat had capsized, but the passengers aboard had tied the boat to a buoy and made a swim onto Tribal beach.

Then all together they went back to the other boat, which was rowing its way to shore in the McKinley beach area.