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Rescued in a whiteout: Kelowna snowboarder thankful for SilverStar ski patrol

A snowboarder crashed and injured his knee in a whiteout
Joury being rescused by ski patrol after injuring his knee (Tomer Joury)

A man injured caught in inclement weather is grateful to have been rescued by SilverStar Ski patrol.

Tomer Joury was snowboarding by himself on Sunday, Jan. 2 during one of SilverStar’s notoriously poor visibility days.

“It was whiteout conditions I couldn’t see anything the contours of the land everything looked the same,” said Joury.

He crashed, injuring his knee, and ended up stuck in deep snow. Joury feared that ski patrol would not be able to find him in the whiteout or hear him in the high winds of the day. After being stuck for only a few minutes, he saw someone nearby and gave out a holler. Fortunately for Joury, it was ski patrol.

“I’m not sure if I would have made it out alive actually, I’m sure I would be dead. His name was Oli he saved my life,” said Joury.

Joury wants to extend his gratitude to the ski patrol staff at SilverStar and give extra thanks to Oli who brought him back to the lodge safely.


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