Solution being found after Kelowna housing society misplaces washer and dryer unit

Solution being found after Kelowna housing society misplaces washer and dryer unit

Shannon McDonald wanted to pay it forward with a gift, but there was a communication error

A communication breakdown at a local housing society has left a Kelowna mother upset after her desired donation did not end up where she wanted it to.

Shannon McDonald was leaving her residence at a Columbian Centennial Housing Society unit earlier this year when she made arrangements to pass along her current washer and dryer unit to the next tenant. She said she crossed all the right t’s and dotted all the right i’s, but due to a reported miscommunication at the society, the units did not end up where McDonald wanted them to.

“I lived there for 18 years and I wanted a make a real difference, one mother to another,” said McDonald.

Usually, the society does not pass along appliances to the following tenants, but McDonald said she spoke to the society’s administrator to allow her to pass the units along after she had them inspected for safety.

McDonald hoped that the units would help the next tenant who would soon be living in McDonald’s previous home of 18 years. She went to check on her old residence earlier this week, and found that the units had been moved.

“I was crushed. It was the first time I was able to help someone with something good,” she said.

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The society’s administrator, Keith Bipple said that there was an agreement to keep McDonald’s units in her old residence, but due to uncontrollable circumstances, the communication line was broken and the units were moved into a different residence..

“We’re committed to fixing the problem,” said Bipple.

“Now that we’ve got the final details, we will speak to maintenance personnel and come up with a solution to return the washer and dryer to that unit.”

McDonald said that she was relieved that Columbian Centennial Housing Society was looking to make things right.

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