Central Okanagan school board trustee Lee Mossman recognizes Grade 6 student Landon Tew for his honourable mention during the annual Okanagan Heritage Fair. - Image Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News

Student showcases project

Grade 6 student Landon Tew presented his history project to the Central Okanagan School Board

Grade 6 student Landon Tew enjoys math and history at Anne McCylmont Elementary.

Tew received an honourable mention for his project Was British Columbia Almost a Part of the USA? during the Okanagan Regional Heritage Fair, held at The Laurel Packinghouse April 25.

He presented his project and answered the question during Wednesday night’s regular school board meeting.

The answer was yes, if the United States was not recovering from civil war, said Tew, they would have taken B.C.

The heritage fair saw 70 students and 26 volunteers take part.

Students were chosen based on their knowledge of the topic, depth of research, enthusiasm and reasons why they chose the topic said Shelley Weber of Kelowna Museums.

“It was a really cool experience,” said Tew. “Especially just going to all the museums that were part of the heritage fair.

Students visited the Okanagan Heritage Museum and examined the new Biodiversity exhibit as well as visited the Rotary Marshes at Brant’s Creek.

“It was a really cool project to research the way things were. I didn’t know one thing about this before,” said Tew.

Researching the project took the most amount of time.

Tew’s mother Amber said they visited the public library and the library at UBCO.

“Part of the project is that they had to do some primary source research.”

“It’s great he put a lot of work into the project but seeing him talk and present has been really neat.”

Tew highlighted articles from the time period.

“Tew’s favourite part of the project was to go to the fair and present to judges.