Update: Fire damages units at UBCO residence

Kelowna Fire Department attends blaze overnight. No injuries to report

  • Jan. 2, 2017 6:00 a.m.
Kelowna Fire Department responded to a blaze at UBCO.

Kelowna Fire Department responded to a blaze at UBCO.

Update: UBCO statement as of 3 p.m.

Restoration work is underway today to address damage caused by a small fire in the Monashee student residence building at UBC Okanagan on Sunday night, according to UBCO. There were no injuries, but several rooms sustained smoke and water damage. It is believed a space heater ignited nearby bedding, and the fire activated alarms and sprinklers in the room.


Six units were damaged after a fire at UBC Okanagan overnight Sunday.

The Kelowna Fire Dispatch center received a 911 call reporting smoke in a unit at 1267 Discovery Ave at UBCO at about midnight Sunday night.

The first responders saw smoke and sprinkler activation in a 2nd floor unit and inside was a mattress and bedding that had caught fire because of being up against a baseboard heater.

The fire sprinkler extinguished the fire.

Fire crews quickly isolated the fire sprinkler to the unit and began ventilation.

The female resident called 911 before leaving the unit. She was checked over by ambulance personnel and went to stay with friends.

Water damage was contained to 2nd floor unit and 6 units below.

Due t the Christmas break there were just 25 students in the building at the time of fire. They all are back in their units at this time.

In total, three engines, a rescue unit, a ladder truck, and a command vehicle attended along with 16 personnel.

The Kelowna Fire Department would like to advise the public to always have a working smoke alarm in your home.

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