Volunteer for Kelowna outdoor events

Canadian Mental Health Association studies show volunteering can have a positive effect on our mental and physical health.

  • Sat Jun 25th, 2016 5:00am
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Kelowna is not only a mecca for tourists but a desirable destination for outdoor event organizers as well.

With the growing number of outdoor events across the city, there are also a variety of opportunities for event volunteers.

Kelowna’s outdoor events run the gamut from athletic events to foodie fairs and cultural celebrations. Many of the volunteer opportunities are listed on Volinspire, a new platform designed to engage volunteers and provide valuable management tools for organizations and non-profit groups who host events.

Kate Ormond discovered that the United Way Day of Caring needed volunteers after signing up on the Volinspire platform earlier this year and has also helped out at the Pushor Mitchell Kelowna Apple Triathlon.

“The first year that my husband and I volunteered at the Apple Triathlon, we were struck by how appreciative the athletes were to the volunteers for making the event possible. Athletes were thanking us all weekend, some even as they were running their race! It really hit us how vital volunteers are to successful events,” said Ormond.

Studies by the Canadian Mental Health Association show that regular volunteer activity can have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Volunteers consistently report a high feeling of self-worth, achievement and higher motivation.

“The greatest perk for me is that feeling of being part of a team and the appreciation of the participants,” said Ormond. “I have run in races myself since, and I always make a point to thank the volunteers – without them none of it would be possible.”

“We are able to attract and grow great events in our city because of the dedicated volunteer community,” added Mariko Siggers, event development supervisor with the City of Kelowna. “The benefits of volunteering are endless – it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, make new friendships, give back to your community and inspire others to do the same.”

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available in Kelowna this summer, including the Canada Day celebrations on July 1, Arts on the Avenue on July 28 and the Apple Triathlon from Aug. 19 to 21. Those who sign up to volunteer for any of the outdoor events listed on the City’s Outdoor Events Volinspire page by June 30, will be included in a draw to win a $50 gift certificate.

Check out the exciting outdoor event volunteer opportunities and enter to win at  https://volinspire.com/organization/city-of-kelowna-348681. For more information about outdoor events in Kelowna, visit http://www.kelowna.ca/CM/Page2494.aspx.