Waters levels cause park closure in West Kelowna

Powers Creek has risen above it's banks, causing flooding in the area

The high temperatures of the past week have lead to some spring flooding in West Kelowna.

Powers Creek has flooded over it’s banks along Rotary Trails Park, prompting West Kelowna’s Parks Department to close the park until further notice.

“This can be an annual event, it isn’t extraordinary,” said fire chief Jason Brolund. “We see it in years when the snow melts fast. There are no houses in the area, but we just want to keep the public out of harm.”

The park is being monitored on a daily basis, and Brolund noted it’s reopening is truly dependant on the weather. If it cools off and doesn’t rain it should resolve quickly, however he added they can’t say whether or not that will happen. Powers Creek isn’t the only water stream in the West Kelowna area to see a large increase in water levels, as Brolund explained many creeks have reached their traditional peak. While that itself isn’t abnormal, he noted it has happened earlier than anyone can remember. With several of the creeks flowing at fast rates, Brolund is cautioning safety.

“Our biggest concern aside from the risk of flooding is people becoming involved in a creek that is flowing much higher than it normally would,” he said. “We are prepared to rescue a person or pet, but we’d prefer not to have to so we’re encouraging people to stay back from the fast flowing creeks.”