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Weak evidence leads to acquittal of 4 men in Kelowna sexual assault case

Four men have been acquitted four years after an alleged sexual assault

A Kelowna judge has acquitted four men in the midst of what was intended to be a month-long sexual assault trial for an incident alleged to have occurred in 2018.

Kole Comin, brothers Christian and David Dupas, and Trevor Pereverzoff, were each charged with one count of sexual assault and unlawful confinement following a situation in West Kelowna in June 2018.

On Friday (April 22), Crown prosecutor Patricia O’Neil said that due to the “frailty” of the memories and evidence her client Y.W. has of the night of the alleged assault, the four men should be acquitted, and that Crown would no longer be pursuing a trial. A Kelowna judge ruled accordingly.

The complainant cannot be named due to a publication ban.

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The alleged assaults occurred after an evening involving alcohol consumption. According to Y.W during cross-examination, she experienced some moments of “blacking out” and could not remember details of the night.

More to come.


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