West Kelowna to make changes to Glenrosa Road to slow speeders, improve safety

West Kelowna to make changes to Glenrosa Road to slow speeders, improve safety

Construction on the project will begin in the spring of 2020

The City of West Kelowna will soon begin construction on Glenrosa Road.

The $9.2 million project aims to slow down speeders and improve safety in the area. The design for the road was presented to the public at an open house on Feb. 5, in conjunction with the draft 2020 budget open house.

According to the city, the general response to the project was positive.

“Most of the attendees liked the design, thought improvements were long overdue for this section of Glenrosa Road and that it would be a benefit to the area,” said the city.

“There were several people who commented on the landscaping features at the major intersections, and how they would add to the overall aesthetic of the project. The consensus was that the improvements to driver, pedestrian and cyclist safety would be of benefit to the entire Glenrosa neighbourhood.”

The main areas of concern were:

  • The unsafe intersection at Glenrosa and McIver Roads
  • Pedestrian safety along Glenrosa, especially for school children
  • Speeding concerns along Glenrosa Road in general
  • Walking and parking issues in and around Glenrosa Middle School during the morning
  • drop off and afternoon pick up times
  • Money should be spent on other priorities

The improvements will be as follows:

  • Glenrosa Rd Construction – McGinnis to Glen Abbey
  • 2020 Pedestrian Improvements – McIver Road
  • McTaggart Road Drainage Improvements
  • Water Main – McIver and Gorman
  • Glenrosa Road Erosion Protection
  • Glenrosa Sidewalk – Glen Abbey to Webber

For more information visit the City of West Kelowna website.