West Kelowna vet clinic opens its doors to people and pets affected by Fort McMurray fire

Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital says it will house, treat, supply meds to pets of people who need it

West Kelowna veterinarian Doctor Moshe Oz says in times of crisis, looking after your pet is just like looking after another family member.

And so Dr. Oz has once again opened the doors of his Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital to anyone who needs help caring for a pet and his clinic has already received a few calls from people looking for help after fleeing Fort McMurray.

“Pet’s are another family member that you have to take care of,” said Moshe. “Over the years we have heard stories of people being evacuated but they forget the medication or the food and this is why we are here. We have extra space so if anyone needs help we can shelter animals. If they need medication or are stuck without food, we will donate everything. If someone needs our help our doors are completely open.”

Moshe says he has 2,500 square feet of extra space that is already being prepared in case there is an influx of pets coming to the Okanagan from the Fort McMurray fire.

“We have lots of clients that live here and work in Alberta or vice versa so we know there are people that need help,” he said. “We already have a few people that have called us to use the space so whoever needs our help with medication, any treatment or shelter or food, call us 24-7.”

During past years Moshe and his wife Noa have made their space available for use for people who have needed help for their pets during crisis like fires in the Okanagan. He said his clinic will cover all the expenses incurred as people get help.

“From all of the fires over the years we are quite organized,” he said. “This is why we are here. You try and help to give back to the community. Everyone needs to do their share.”

If you know of someone in need, contact the Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital at 250-769-9109.