Your evening Top 5 for Dec. 22, 2016

A trip across the Capital News top stories as well as those across the region, the province, and maybe even the world

  • Thu Dec 22nd, 2016 5:00pm
  • News


2. We kicked off our top 10 news stories with the biggest spot news event of the year, the plane crash that killed four, including a high profile politician in the woods near Beaver Lake, close to Winfield.

Watch in the coming days as we count down the stories that we felt had the biggest impact.

3. A 95-year-old Okanagan resident says she’s buying her age in metres along the Okanagan Rail Trail. It’s $165 per metre so that’s a wack of cash, kids.

4. VIDEO: Check out a charitable light display at a Rutland home.

5. In the good news category, kids in East Kelowna raised a lot of money for charity. Check this feel-good story out here.