Feedback: My 84-year-old mom needs cannabis

Feedback: My 84-year-old mom needs cannabis

Kelowna readers commenting on stories online

Our story about West Kelowna attempting to close marijuana shops has created a lot of feedback.

Here is a sampling of a few recent comments on

Gail Fritsen:

This is ridiculous. My 84-year-old mother goes there to get relief from the effects of cancer…shame on them…do they not have individual voices on council..who brought this up in the first place to be an issue anyway? That person is sure being silent. I guess if one of West bank councillors had to use one of these places it would be a different story. Let them continue to be open as is until the laws come into effect then they have to conform or be shut down. I swear I don’t know how these councillors think they are representing the people of West Kelowna.

Fahthur Bibbs:

I’d like to know who these “not for profit” compassion clubs are. As a patient all I see is people profiting.