Feedback: Trending topics at

Feedback: Trending topics at

Readers of the Kelowna Capital News web site chime in on topics of the week readers are passionate about the stories they read at our website. Here is a sampling of comments from stories that we have posted online. Please check out our website for all of our local stories, plus more from our Black Press team across the Okanagan Valley and the province.

Story: Food drive doubles last year’s donation total but falls short of goal

Gordon Oliver:

The big hairy audacious goal of 150,000 pounds was intended to spur the volunteer group and public to action and to set a target that was outrageously high, knowing that if we reached even half of that goal that the BC Thanksgiving Food Drive was beyond successful. Shoot for the stars and hit the moon. More than doubling last year’s donations 94,000 pounds vs. 42,000 pounds is absolutely fantastic, an increase of 52,000 pounds. There is not one person at the Food Bank or BC Thanksgiving Food Drive volunteer ranks that is not elated by this result. On behalf of the BC Thanksgiving Food Drive, thank you to everyone in Kelowna and West Kelowna, we are pleased beyond measure.

Story: Bathing, meal times need work, residential care survey says

Verna Shoemaker:

When my mother was in a nursing home in Saskatchewan she would not get up so early in the morning and so missed breakfast. It was discussed at their staff meetings and they decided that anyone that wanted a later breakfast would gladly be served. Not all people get up at a set time and this was so appreciated. Not everyone operates on a set schedule especially if they are seniors.

Kimberly Madigan-Goodall:

It’s very sad again though it’s about the almighty dollar. Hire more care aids. Allow the residents to have a meal when they want it. Sometimes they are not hungry at the meal time that the facility chooses. Work with their needs, after all isn’t that’s what it’s about.

Candace Keen:

One bath a week is hardly dignified. Not to mention the many frail elderly patients with bowel/bladder/skin issues need to be bathed more often for too many reasons to list.

Letter: Stop hunting in wildfire areas

Larry Hall:

The greatest impact on wildlife is going to be when logging companies cut all trees burned or green within the perimeter of the wildfires. There will be little or no protective cover from predators including hunters and animals will be visible for huge distances. There ought to be no harvest of green trees, no harvest within a 100 metres of a water source, swamp, willow bottom or meadow within a fire perimeter. Some blocks of burned timber must be left for woodpeckers, flickers and other birds that traditionally find refuge in wildfires.

Story: Former New Zealand politician found guilty of murder

Shirlita Elizabeth:

Justice has finally been served. Thankful to the Crown, the jury, the judge, the sheriffs, the many witnesses, the reporters and the justice system. Seven years is a long time to wait but worth the wait.

Story:B.C. women cut off life-changing medication

Marilyn Blaskovits

They also did that with a number of asthma medications. I moved here from Alberta and ever since I’ve been fighting to have my medication covered. It’s ridiculous because these medications are life saving for me and all who use them. Does that not make them priority medications to be covered? No. But they will cover stuff like Viagra or birth control. It’s a joke.

Story: Kelowna Yacht club sinking in red ink

Mark Whittle:

They are crazy if they think social members will pay the same as people who have docks.

Story: Vigilante tracks down B.C. garbage dumper

Gary Jones:

Hopefully he will be charged, fined and forced to pay for the cleanup. B.C. enjoys the most pristine environment in Canada and its beauty must be protected.