Hodge: US actions threaten us all

Hodge: US actions threaten us all

Because of Trump and his ineptness and myopic arrogance the world is teetering on disaster

I’ll chalk it up to a paranoid flashback, but I confess to still being somewhat rattled.

Three a.m. found me staring blankly at my bedroom ceiling in a state of discombobulation, trying to sort out the fearful fit that had dragged me out of my sleep. Smatterings of a quickly fading nightmare filtered away as I slowly moved to the world of wide awake.

It was rather jumbled, as dreams can be, blending childhood memories with modern day reality. I have not shaken it quite yet and pray it was not a premonition.

I saw myself busily boxing up canned goods and provisions, water, sleeping bags, and weapons while all around me friends and family (old and new) were busy scrambling about in the same state of terror. Clearly I was revisiting my youthful years in the ’70s and early ‘80s when the pending apocalypses of a nuclear war inspired Canadians and others to plan their survival kits and seek out safe spots they would flee to in desperation to survive. I remember drills in elementary school of dropping and ducking under our desks if and when an attack came (like that would really help).

For the first few seconds of semi-awareness I felt the urge to get back to packing up stuff before recognizing it was just a weird dream, and I slumped back to my pillow. A silly dream … or was it?

I admit to have repeatedly amplified an Eyore attitude of late criticising the insane and dangerous decisions of the madman running the United States, however he continues to simply feed my flames of fear and not suppress them. I continuously wonder why Donald Trump has not been impeached by now – and confounded by exactly what it will take for that to happen?

Have the American people simply become numb to the nuttiness going on in the White House? Have the legitimate media simply stopped trying to warn the world? Why haven’t other world powers demanded that Americans grab back control of their country and government? As each day moves forward the pot gets stirred worse. Because of Trump and his ineptness and myopic arrogance the world is teetering on disaster.

It’s insane enough that Trump is running his kingdom with a shoot first ask questions later mindset, appointing clowns, crooks, and family members top priority jobs in his administration, but within this past two weeks he has dropped bombs in Syria and is now poking the ugliest tiger of all in the eye with a sharp stick.

Trump ordered missile attacks into Syria last week without going through the proper protocol procedures all other US presidents have done before attacking another nation. With no consultation with congress or others he simply bullied ahead justifying his actions by feigning sudden concern for children of the world. His crocodile tears would almost work except it smacks of B.S. and a cover up and defies any logic.

Trump has not given a rat’s behind about the welfare of Syrian children (or for that matter children of many nations) before now or he never would not have attempted his lame, prejudice immigration bans.

Clearly the attack on Syria was a promotional stunt to try and convince the public that he is not a pal of Russia or Putin and has not been working with them directly or indirectly for years.

Trump and his minions are now bravely pounding their chest at Russia, attempting to deflect the attention being paid to the manipulation and treasons he and his cohorts carried out in winning his election.

It is not a new tactic. All of us understand that if you want to take the heat off a situation then start another one even bigger.

With the U.S. teetering on bloody conflict in Syria and Russia Trump hopes the media, public and FBI will turn their concerns towards war.

And just in case that is not enough of a dangerous gong show Trump is now flexing his muscles at North Korea, sending battleships towards that part of the world. Everyone knows that’s akin to spitting in the Korean’s face as well as that of their allies China.

North Korea is a dangerous nation with a hair-trigger hate for the U.S. and a leader perhaps just as nuts as Trump.

So, while his Rome burns Trump plays fiddle with two of the most dangerous nations in the world, smugly insuring us that he has things well in hand.

Scary. The problem is his distractive game is working. Instead of pursuing charges or impeachment against Trump and his troop of fools the world is now focussed and worried (rightfully so) about a nuclear holocaust.

Sadly Trump will take Canada and other nations around the world into this ugly scenario should it escalate.

I am terrified that unless Trump is halted in his absurdity very soon the scales will have tipped past the point of a speech rewrite or blundered tweet. If and when China, Korea, Syria, Russia, and oh yeah, ISIS decide to step into the door that Trump has opened I am afraid they will not be prepared to stop just because Donald wants a re-write.

Eyore or not – I have a feeling a few more sleepless nights are ahead for many of us.