Letter: An honest mechanic with a good deed

Letter: An honest mechanic with a good deed

Kelowna letter writer says she was blown away by the generosity of local mechanic

To the editor:

Somewhat hidden in the small strip mall on 1691 Powick road in Kelowna is Foreman Automotive and Transmission.

A friend referred me to Mike Foreman, the self-employed owner and mechanic. My car was repaired and the cost reasonable.

A family member who needed repairs done to his vehicle was in a difficult situation. The car was vital for work but the funds were low. Mike Foreman fixed the car, put it in good shape and running order. All for no charge.

Later when the financial situation improved, Foreman said “A cup of coffee would be fine. People have been good to me and I like to give back when I can.”

A competent mechanic who has been in business in Kelowna for many years: Thank you for the friendly and respectful manner in which you treat each of your customers.

Marie B. Mitchell, Kelowna