Letter: Clarification for WK council lacks visionaries

Gellatly and Boucherie are used by commuters from south of West Kelowna (Peachland) to avoid the traffic on Hwy. 97.

To the editor:

In my letter to the editor, West Kelowna Council Lacks Visionaries, Sept. 7 Kelowna Capital News, the amount City of Kelowna had slated for traffic calming should have read $500,000.

The other issue that the calming has created (just heard from a neighbour) is that when it snows, melts and freezes it creates ice, particularly on the hills. Last year there were accidents on Mission Hill as a result of the ice.

Again, the neighbourhoods did not know the calming was planned.

There are 160 new lots going onto Mount Boucherie by Victor Properties (phase 3). The only road in and out is Vineyard because Menu Road has been blocked by request of the residents on that side off Boucherie. That was the stipulation to the city and developer when the expansion was planned for Mt. Boucherie. As a result the traffic flow on Vineyard is extremely heavy.

The other item of interest is that Gellatly and Boucherie is used by commuters from south of West Kelowna, for example, Peachland, to avoid the traffic on Hwy. 97.

What future planning does the city have for the residential road system to improve traffic flow?

A council of vision should realize that Gellatly and Boucherie are in serious need of upgrading. I tried biking, once, 10 years ago and was frightened to go again. I now walk in the vineyards and the edge of those roads. Biking lanes would greatly improve the situation for residents and tourists who bicycle. We have ridden bikes in the Loire Valley, as well as the Mosel Valley and Napa Valley. Bicyclists are encouraged to ride in those tourist areas.

It is important for the Okanagan Valley to be aware of what is happening at West Kelowna city hall.

Susan Schultz, West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News