Letter: Climate denial letter avoiding the facts

Letter: Climate denial letter avoiding the facts

Letter-writer says recent discussion on climate change is missing the facts

To the editor:

Re: Suzuki claims not true (March 9), by Tom Harris.

Mr. Harris is not only being deceptive in his letter, but is contradicting his own previous claims and statements. Mr. Harris has a well-documented history of stating man-made climate change is not real. Mr. Harris is also being deceptive in his claims concerning CO2 as plant food. Raw sewage is also plant food. It is natural and has been used for millennia in some regions to fertilize crops. Clearly, this ‘plant food’ is pollution. So is man-made CO2. What he also doesn’t say is that studies have shown increases in temperature and CO2 lead to decreases in food production and nutritional value. And, plants we want are not the only ones that use CO2, so do weeds.

Incidentally, if you ever check the references in the NIPCC document you’ll find that they will find a reference that agrees with one statement and then cite it so they can inflate the number of references. The truth is that the NIPCC, in its entirety, has been completely debunked by the objective reviewers. There is no solid science to support Mr. Harris, so he makes it up.

Mr. Harris has repeatedly stated science is nothing more than ‘an opinion.’ According to Mr. Harris, gravity is only an opinion, it is merely an opinion that planes fly, and it’s just someone’s opinion that we can do work with electricity. Be careful when you hit the brakes when you’re driving. It’s only an opinion that your car will slow down.

It should be no surprise to learn that Mr. Harris has a long and well documented history of association with the fossil fuel and tobacco industries. His statements have been endorsed by the repressive governments of North Korea and Uzbekistan and Mr. Harris has cited Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte as a role model to be followed.

And, by the way, everything Dr. Suzuki said in his article is true and accurate.

Christopher Keating, Ph.D., Mason, Texas

Dr. Keating is a professor of physics who does research in planetary geophysics, including climate change.

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