Letter: Get rid of racism, greed and we’ll have a model country

Mr. Trudeau is suggesting taxing the rich, but so far does nothing for the menial task worker.

To the editor:

I am tired of hearing that the falling value of the Canadian dollar is good for the economy. It only helps the big corporations catering to tourists.

We need to get back to having a liveable wage for our service workers. The top major retailers in 2011 controlled $196 billion in sales, paying low wages and limiting full time employment by using part time help. This denies the benefits of full-time.

The number of foreign retailers increased by 53 per cent in 2011. The top CEOs, in 2009, had a salary increase of 22 per cent from the average salary of $8.5 million.

We need to stop the combines like the oil and gas moguls that control our economy. It would make more sense to build pipelines for water too. Supply water to drought areas and control flooding.

Our banks, in my opinion do nothing for the common worker, their solution is keep our dollar low and try to convince us that solves the problem. We need a more effective monetary system, one not based on some hunk of metal buried in a vault.

We need better control of the distribution of our money. Mr. Trudeau is suggesting taxing the rich, but so far does nothing for the menial task worker.

We need controls that prevent excessive income controlled by greed. We need to give up the idea that charity is the answer.

Let’s get rid of capitalism in its present form. Build a country that offers a good quality of life to all Canadians. Get rid of racism and greed. We do owe the First Nations victims of the forced schooling and molesting more than an apology or a never-ending restitution. We should consider paying those proven victims a life-time annuity.

We have a wonderful country with all the resources to be completely independent and build a model country for the world to follow.


Art Ferguson, West Kelowna



Kelowna Capital News