Letter: Good farm income means healthy local economy

Every dollar [farmers] earn is a boost to our economy.

To the editor:

This morning I awakened thinking of how difficult it is to make a reliable income. One that pays all my bills and leaves some money for my savings account. Now that I am in my last years on this Earth, it is common for me to reminisce on the past—years spent trying to prepare for my daily expenses and ultimately my retirement.

As a self employed auto technician, having local farmers as reliable customers was very important.

I can remember some years struggling to just have enough money to put food on our family’s table.  That would happen when our farmers did not make sufficient income for their needs.

Reading your articles stating that the farmers, blessed by the Agriculture Land Commission, are renting their land to people that need low cost housing, so they, the farmers, can put food on their families table, caused me to support the farmers.

Every dollar they earn is a boost to our economy.

We all need financial income that allows us to be part of the local businesses, keeping them available to supply our needs.

Now, our Kelowna City Hall is challenging the farmer’s success. Our taxes are financing the mayor and councillors in their effort to get higher business costs for the farmers. This is very selfish. The mayor and councillors are not paying a cent of their own money!

Is this right? I do not approve of this Kelowna city council action.

E Barry Patterson, Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News