Letter: Kelowna parking meters ‘bagged’ 24/7

Construction workers parking in vacant lot would help shoppers and tourists find a parking space downtown.

To the editor:

On St. Paul St, just north of Doyle Avenue, sits a large, empty lot. Three or four years ago this lot was full of cars every day. Most cars belonged to employees in the general area, plus some shoppers. Plans for a highrise fell through and the empty property changed hands.

Now it is forbidden for anyone to use it. The City of Kelowna apparently says it is ‘not up to standard’ and the new owners apparently have their hands (and money) tied up.

With all the construction in this area of downtown (St Paul St., Doyle Ave, Ellis St.) many street parking spaces have been removed from the general public. Meters are covered and used by construction workers who arrive early, and leave at about 3:30 p.m. However, the parking spots remain unused by the general public as some of these precious parking spots have bagged meters 24 hours of the day.

I’m sure there could have been some arrangement made for temporary use by construction employees to use that big empty lot. This would allow all shoppers and tourists to have a fighting chance of finding a parking space within a block or two of their destination. This would provide more meter money for City Hall if the bags were removed even part time.

Yes, I know this letter should have been written months ago. But maybe city hall bureaucrats could be more understanding and make better decisions next time.

By the way, does the bylaw officer pass by on St. Paul Street just north of Doyle Avenue? Greenery (weeds) cover the entire width of the sidewalk. It is very difficult to maneuver a wheelchair or walker around such obstacles. Thank you in advance for dealing with this promptly.

M.F. Wort, Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News