Letter: Kelowna tax increases nearly double inflation

Kelowna has institutionalized yearly tax increases to nearly double the rate of inflation.

To the editor:

The problem is, it is far easier to increase taxes, than to keep existing tax levels within reason.

Much of this year’s tax increase is claimed to be due to the new police services building, and will undoubtedly result in a tax hike in next year’s taxes, and that of the following years.

This is not a simple tax increase. It is a percentage increase based on last year’s increase.

Next year will no doubt see another percentage increase based on this year’s increase. In other words, an escalating tax, on a tax, on a tax!

Council stated additional funding is needed to deal with Kelowna’s growing population. Nonsense!

A growing population automatically results in an increasing tax base.

It has been claimed as a result of our growing population, six new officers are required.

In fact, the increased tax dollars paid by Kelowna’s rapidly increasing population is what will pay for expansion of police and other services.

The reality is that those yearly tax increases leave most of us with less money each year.

If this year’s proposed “minor” 4.4 per cent tax increase is repeated for the next six years, taxes will have increased by a whopping 26 per cent.

It’s time Kelowna started living within its means. Money doesn’t grow on trees!

Robert Wilson, Kelowna