Letter to the editor. - Image: Pixabay

Letter: My top 12 restaurants across the Okanagan

Kelowna letter writer says he’s eaten around the region and has his favourites

To the editor:

With the crazy amount of letters to the editor the past two months that involve mostly boring politics and or just negative news and the same old rants, lets talk about some positives for a change folks.

I have been to almost every good restaurant in the Okanagan and here is my top 12 restaurants in the Okanagan and reasons why. These rankings are based on ambience, service, food taste and quality, overall prices, specials and variety.

1. Villa Rosa, Penticton. Very top in caring service, food taste and quality and very reasonable prices always. My personal fave.

2. Theos, Penticton. Very authentic Greek food with a nice feel and look inside. Owner really cares about you as a guest.

3. Olympia, Kelowna. Third best customer service in the Okanagan and with the second best tasting pizzas in the Okanagan. Nice atmosphere and ambience.

4. Zias, Summerland. Great ambience and service and tasty fresh food not breaking the bank.

5. Earls, Kelowna. Awesome view of lake and very caring service with good specials.

6. Mykonos, Penticton. Best tasting pizza in the Okanagan with average service. Pasta dishes are very good too.

7. Savvios, Oliver. Great tasting Italian food with average service.

8. Salty’s, Penticton. Another great view of the lake with tasty fresh food but a tad pricey.

9. Ricardo’s, Lake Country. A nice atmosphere and authentic Italian place with caring customer service.

10. Joey Kelowna. Second best customer service to Villa Rosa and a nice atmosphere but the prices confuse me.

11. Brown’s Social House, Kelowna. Great ambience with a good variety of music catering to everyone and good specials.

12. Cuba Del Sol, Kelowna. Food is authentic and fantastic and service really top notch.

N. Preen, Kelowna