Letter: Putting lake views to bed once and for all

Letter: Putting lake views to bed once and for all

Kelowna letter-writer questions decision of city council

To the editor:

Re: ‘Ridiculous’ to think developer swayed vote, Capital News Feb, 28, 2018.

Councillor Gail Given says, with the future ban on corporate donations to municipal elections, the issue of corporate influence on city councillors will be put to bed once and for all. Further to the issue, she says, if we check her past voting history on council, she has not been influenced by those who have donated to her election campaign.

The concern is not about the future or past voting patterns of council. It is about a current decision and what it means for the open view of the lake from the foot of Bernard Avenue and Queensway and the ease in which one can walk in the area.

It is about a 30 plus story building at their foot which will put that view and walk to bed, for once and for all.

Gerard Gumpinger, Kelowna

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