Letter: Visitor centre ain’t over yet

Better yet, build it smack dab on City Hall lawn in front of the mayor’s windows

To the editor:

I am very disappointed and surprised by council’s decision approving the tourist building on the jetty.

Out of all the information presented to council, the clear and logical decision should have been no to private association, no to the jetty location, no to using public land, no to the waterfront, no to the large building, no to favouritism.

It was not long ago that the tourist association wanted their building in City Park and the debate over that.

The tourist association can have a fancy building, prime location near the waterfront, with their own public washrooms, near parks and open space, with local and tourist traffic, with hotels, shopping and restaurants, near the museums and near parking.

All is available in the business area of downtown Kelowna. Better yet, build it smack dab on City Hall lawn in front of the mayor’s windows. Perhaps a local business will open a competing tourist information centre, similar to the competition as seen in the local phone book business.

After several attempts, West Kelowna residents finally defeated City Hall, and so can we. Join with me to campaign against the tourist building and Kelowna city council’s decision. It ain’t over yet. E-mail: NoVisitorBuildingOnWaterfront@gmail.com

Linda Jones-Evans, Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News