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Falcon Friday: Jaden Parsons

Parsons is the only Kelowna native on the Falcons this season
(Photo - @ucoathletics/Twitter)

Play ball!

The first Kelowna Falcons season since 2019 has started with a whole new rosters of players from anywhere and everywhere. Here at Kelowna Capital News, we’ll be releasing a feature/Q&A on a player from the Falcons every Friday. Introducing the first installment of… drum roll please… Falcon Friday!


This week’s featured Falcon is the hometown kid, Kelowna native, Jaden Parsons.

Position - shortstop/second base

School - University of Central Oklahoma (NCAA Division II)

Question: What brought you to Kelowna/the Falcons organization?

Answer: Hometown team, I know the play in the West Coast League, it’s a really competitive league. I just wanted to face some good competition and be able to play here at home.

Q: When’s the last time you were home before this?

A: I was home at Christmas time.

Q: What got you into baseball?

A: I’ve been playing since I was probably seven or eight and just wanted to try it out. I guess my dad and mom are big baseball fans and I went and tried it out and loved it

Q: What’s your pregame meal and/or ritual?

A: Whatever gives me enough food to make it through nine innings really, whatever that is. No rituals, not superstitious, just don’t believe in luck, just make you’re own luck.

Q: What’s your walk-up song?

A: I’ve had everything. A little bit of Kanye… what was my last year’s song? Oh, The Stroke by Bill Squier.

Q: What’s your favourite team?

A: I guess I can say the (Toronto) Blue Jays, it’s hard to really root for anyone else in Canada but I was a Giants fan when I was younger.

Q: What’s your favourite on-field memory of your career?

A: Sophomore year at junior college, our first game in playoffs we were away, and coach said (to me) before the game “hit the first pitch right off the pitcher’s head” and I ended up hitting a home run on the first pitch of the game in our first playoff game so that was a pretty cool memory.

Q: What’s the end goal for your baseball career?

A: Just play as long as I can, see how far I can take it. Hopefully maybe overseas somewhere in Europe or something afterwards but really just enjoy college and this summer, and this how far I can go and how long my body holds up for.

Q: If you weren’t playing baseball, what would you be doing?

A: Oh I don’t know, probably living up in the mountains or something, riding bikes everyday, skiing in the winters, something like that.

Q: Would you be here in Kelowna or somewhere else?

A: I’d have to say so, I really like it here. I just can’t even really imagine a life without baseball, it’s been everyday since I was young.

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