Kelowna Super Curling League playoffs

Kelowna Super Curling League playoffs

The semfinals will be played this week at the Kelowna Curling Club

The semifinals of the Molson Super Curling League are all set for this week at the Kelowna Curling Club.

The championship round features Sunset Ranch (Skip – Bruce Clark) taking on Stolairus Aviation (Skip – Dave Mellof), while Acorn Dental (Skip – Justin Nillson) faces Raymond James (Skip – Rob Koffski).

In the consolation round, Sturgeon Hall (Skip – Gary Brucker) plays Foothills Creamery (Skip – Ken Johnson), while OK Business Alliance (Skip – Steve Wright) battles Artesano Cabinets (Skip – Wes McInnes).

In opening playoff action last week:

Championship round—Stolairus Aviation (Skip – Dave Mellof) 6, Foothills Creamery (Skip – Ken Johnson) 2.

The tricky ice caught up on Foothills Creamery and Team Mellof took advantage with a big deuce to take a commanding 5-2 lead. With their backs against the wall, Team Johnson was forced into a tough draw that racked on some guards and Stolairus posted the 6-2 victory to move on to the Semifinals.

Acorn Dental (Skip – Justin Nillson) 5, OK Business Alliance (Skip – Steve Wright) 4

OK Business Alliance played a nice hit for a deuce to take the 4-3 lead going into the final end. Team Nillson split the house early and was left with a hit for the win which was made for the 5-4 win and a berth in the Championship Semifinals.

Consolation round—Artesano Cabinets (Skip – Wes McInnes) 7 World Financial Group (Skip – Randi Ludwar) 5

Artesano Cabinets played a great seventh end hit for three and a 7-5 lead. Team Ludwar couldn’t generate anything in the final end and were ran out of rocks to give Team McInnes the victory and a spot in the Consolation Round Semifinals.

Sturgeon Hall (Skip – Gary Brucker) 6, Edward Jones (Skip – Adam Cseke) 3

Down 4-2, Edward Jones missed a tough hit for two and only scored a single in the seventh. Team Brucker closed the game out with a deuce in the final end to move on to the consolation round semis.