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Kelowna heartthrob encouraging love on Valentine’s Day with a new song

Scotty Berg’s new song ‘You don’t have to be alone’ releases on Feb. 14

Kelowna singer/songwriter Scotty Berg is releasing a new song on Valentine’s Day to remind people that they are never alone.

Berg said that the song’s anti-bullying message is inspired by experiences that his friends and classmates have had.

He wants to be an advocate for suicide prevention during a season that can be challenging for some people. Living through a pandemic has been challenging for youth because of the isolation is causes, said Berg.

Valentine’s Day can be lonely for people unable to be with loved ones but Berg explained “you don’t have to be alone. There are people that will always be there for you. Keep on smiling, there are people that you can lean on.”

Berg will be spending Valentine’s Day with his two sisters and his parents. He prides himself on being a family man and prioritizes spending time with his loved ones.

The song was co-written by Berg and a team of professionals in Nashville, T.N., earlier this year. Berg plays the guitar and piano and is enjoying learning about the labour intensive process of song creation.

“Patience is key,” he said. “The collaborative writing process takes a long time to make sure that the lyrics are perfect.”

The music video filmed downtown Kelowna is full of inspiration from Berg with cameos from his family and friends. The new song and music video will be available on all streaming platforms on Feb. 14.

Last year Berg gained attention from entertainment company Circle 11 after he was discovered on social media. Berg had joined TikTok at the end of 2020 and soon found himself with more than 40,000 followers. He attributes his following to a video he posted of himself singing Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon, which had just over 532,000 views in April 2021.

“I just saw in him what I saw in Shawn Mendes,” said C.L. Rose, Circle 11’s CEO and owner, who has worked with notable artists like Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and the Jonas Brothers.

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