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Olive the pig is learning to love the snowy Okanagan

The potbelly pet likes to search for treats in the snow

A couple in the South Okanagan welcomed a new pet into their home during the pandemic but rather than adopting a cat or dog, they got a pig.

Olive is a seven-month-old potbelly pig living a life of luxury at her family’s home in Summerland. She experienced snow for the first time this winter and is slowly learning to love the chilly white stuff.

One of Olive’s favourite activities is finding treats that her ‘parents’ throw into the snow. The snorty sweetie uses her snout to sniff out apples in the deep snow in the backyard.

Her family lives on an acreage where pigs are allowed but her owners think that the bylaws around owning pet pigs should be revised.

“If most people consider it a pet it should be allowed to be a pet,” said owner Maddi Violet.

While Olive is a very good girl, she can be a handful at times, and for those who have never had a pet before according to Violet.

Her owners say that Olive is like a very smart dog. Olive likes to snuggle in bed with her owners and can do tricks.

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Jacqueline Gelineau

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