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Bats over bunnies: Easter Sunday is Bat Appreciation Day

Peachland’s bat colony is estimated around 2,000 bats

April 17 was Bat Appreciation Day.

Peachland is home to two species of bats, the little brown myotis and the yuma myotis.

The Peachland bat colony is estimated to be upwards of 2,000 bats which returns each spring to the attic of the former Peachland Primary School built in 1908.

“They love old wood and they love coming back to the same place every year,” President of the Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society Rachel Truant said.

The colony is a maternity colony consisting mostly of females and their pups.

Bats can eat over half of its body weight in insects each night.

“We do say here that Peachland is virtually mosquito-free because of this incredible colony.”

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