(Photo/Bluegreen Architecture)

(Photo/Bluegreen Architecture)

Condos considered for Kelowna’s Coronation Ave.

The building is proposed on four lots between St. Paul and Richter streets

A six-storey, 60-unit condo building is being proposed for downtown on Coronation Avenue.

The building site is on four lots, located between Richter and St. Paul streets, and would consist of five upper storeys of wood-frame construction sitting on a double level, partially buried, concrete parking garage.

Documents provided by developer Bluegreen Architecture state the building will have studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. More one-bedroom units will be available as it’s expected students of the future UBCO campus will be a strong demographic for the area.

The documents also say, given the project’s location and amenities, on-site and in the immediate area, “it meets the demand for walkable/ livable neighborhoods, responds to changing demographics, and provides housing at various, attainable price points.”

City documents show council would need to approve rezoning the lots from medium lot housing to central business commercial for the development to go ahead.

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