Get more out of your pumpkin this Halloween

Get more out of your pumpkin this Halloween

The Regional District Waste Reduction Office encourages people to compost their pumpkins after Halloween

Once Halloween is over, why not take a moment to rethink how you can rid of your colorful jack-o-lantern in an eco-friendly fashion.

Waste Reduction Facilitator Rae Stewart with the RDCO Waste Reduction Office is encouraging residents to toss pumpkins in the backyard compost bin for better results come spring.

“Pumpkins are high in nitrogen, an excellent material to add to your backyard compost bin,” said Stewart.

“If you chop your pumpkin up into small pieces with some fall leaves, it will break down just that much faster. Next spring you’ll have a great nutrient-rich soil amendment to add to your flower beds or veggie patch.”

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If you don’t compost, you can also put your pumpkin in your yard waste cart for your next pickup.

Check your Living Greener Calendar, the Recycle Coach app, or for cart pickup schedules in your area. A reminder that this year, yard waste pick-up season runs until the end of December.

“Also, if your pumpkin is free of debris from the elements, consider using it in baking or soup making,” said Stewart.

For more information on composting, yard waste or recycling collection programs, visit or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250-469-6250.

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