Letter: An ongoing ode to President Donald Trump

One Kelowna writer uses lyrics to tell his messages

To the editor:

What follows are the latest verses.

Some background info: Trackdown is a TV western starring Robert Culp that was broadcast on CBS between 1957 and 1959. The May 9, 1958 episode (The End of the World) features a rabble-rousing doomsayer named Trump who scares the townsfolk by claiming disaster is on its way. Trump says he is the only one who can save the people. His method… to build a wall. The full episode can be viewed on YouTube.

The Trail of Tears was a series of forced relocations of Native Americans in the US from their ancestral homelands, which began after President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830. The relocated peoples suffered from exposure, disease and starvation while en route to their new designated reserve, and many died before reaching their destinations. Trump is such an admirer of Jackson that he ordered his portrait to hang in the Oval Office.

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Everybody knows the cost of the shutdown

Everybody knows the $11 billion interlude

Everybody knows Ross doesn’t understand

Why federal workers went to shelters for food

Everybody knows they can just eat cake

Watching Trackdown from May 9th ‘58

A prophetic show

Everybody knows

Everybody knows Roger Stone was indicted

Everybody knows the cockroach of politics

Everybody knows that the president’s wall

Is a medieval vanity project fix

Everybody knows top-secret clearance

Was given to Jared for his adherence

To the Trump Show

Everybody knows

Everybody knows he slammed chiefs of intel

Everybody knows he doesn’t read their reports

Everybody knows the sanctions were lifted

On Russian companies Mnuchin supports

Everybody knows Donald has so much class

Dine at Mar-a-Lago and kiss his ass

The vanity show

Everybody knows

Everybody knows the intel chiefs were misquoted

Everybody knows there are valleys and peaks

Everybody knows he’s compromised by Russia

He never spoke to Roger about WikiLeaks

Everybody knows his shutdown was self-inflicted

He can’t stand to be contradicted

That’s how it goes

Everybody knows

Everybody knows a lot of wall they are building

Everybody knows that he tries to coerce

Everybody knows about executive time

He lives in an alternate universe

Everybody knows Bolton hates nuclear treaties

Trump cuts off reporters by saying “excuse me”

That’s how he rolls

Everybody knows

Everybody knows his willful ignorance

Everybody knows his constant dissent

Everybody knows every child in grade school

Has more structured work time than the president

Everybody knows he yearns to speak in arenas

His inaugural committee subpoenaed

Foreign money flowed

Everybody knows

Everybody knows the speech was muddled

Everybody knows it was low-energy

Everybody knows he shouldn’t bring threats

To the floor which increase his jeopardy

Everybody knows the women in white

Are cheering real congressional oversight

His mind is blown

Everybody knows

Everybody knows foot soldier Whitaker

Everybody knows his answers were preset

Everybody knows he was once an adviser

To a firm accused of scamming US vets

Everybody knows he refused to say

If he talked to Trump about the Cohen case

Hostile to yes and no

Everybody knows

Everybody knows about Trump’s finances

Everybody knows a probe is what he fears

Everybody knows his golf club in New Jersey

Has hired undocumented workers for years

Everybody knows Jared’s lawyer was paid

From donations to Trump’s re-election campaign

Hundred grand disclosed

Everybody knows

Everybody knows he mocked the Trail of Tears

Everybody knows his tweet was chilling

Everybody knows he missed the deadline

To tell Congress about Khashoggi’s killing

Everybody knows the El Paso mayor

Said Trump and Paxton are wrong about the barrier

Facts from Dee Margo

Now everybody knows

David Buckna


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