Fred Molzahn, 82, has been in the window business in Kelowna for 54 years. He’s now planning his retirement. (Michael Rodriguez - Kelowna Capital News)

Fred Molzahn, 82, has been in the window business in Kelowna for 54 years. He’s now planning his retirement. (Michael Rodriguez - Kelowna Capital News)

Kelowna man to retire after 54 years in the window business

He’s sold windows longer than you’ve probably been alive

Fred Molzahn sells windows.

He’s sold windows for most of his life — and more than likely all of yours — but his tenure as a salesman is coming to an end as he begins to plan for his retirement.

Since 1965, the 82-year-old man has honed his expertise in Kelowna, spending the last 20 of those years at Starline Windows.

Initially, he didn’t plan on being there so long.

“When I started here, I had basically already semi-retired,” said Molzahn.

“But I had so much fun that I ended up staying 20 years.”

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Molzahn and his team after their gold medal win at the B.C. 55+ Games in Vernon.(Contributed)

Through his time at Starline, Molzahn kept active, even taking a gold medal in soccer at the B.C. 55+ Games just two years ago at the age of 80.

He guessed that he has participated in the games somewhere in the realm of 12 times.

“The camaraderie; the people that you meet from all over B.C. It’s really rewarding,” he said

He said the key to feeling young is socializing with younger people.

Through his soccer team and co-workers, most people in his life are around 25 years younger than he is.

“If you associate with younger people, you will act younger; if you associate yourself with older people, then you act older,” he said.

“At least that’s how I see it.”

Molzahn said he’s now passing the torch to his son who currently works with him at Starline.

“He’s a very capable young man and he’s doing a very good job,” said Molzahn.

“He’s taking over a lot of my accounts, which is exactly what I’d like to see him do.”

While Molzahn is sure to be missed at Starline, his team is grateful for the time they spent with him and happy for him.

“We got to enjoy the last 20 years of his working career with us,” said Tony DeBonis, the regional manager at Starline.

“A lot of the great traits that he has — integrity, experience and his positive attitude — have rubbed off on my team members.”

“He’s an icon.”

The end of October will mark the end of Molzahn’s time in the window business and the beginning of his retirement.

Molzahn’s advice to those contemplating retirement is to “stay active”

“If you feel good, you’re healthy and you still want to participate in the business world, stick with it,” he said. “It’s better for your mind. It keeps you sharp.”

He said he’s planning to continue playing with his 60+ soccer team and is also looking to do some travelling.

“Zihuatanejo,” he said.

Supposedly, that wasn’t a reference to the same beach in the film Shawshank Redemption.


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