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Central Okanagan school board considers increasing bus fees by $75 annually

Parents may soon have to pay $300 a year to send their children to school

Parents who send their children to school on a bus may soon have to pay an extra $75 a year.

During a School District 23 board meeting on Feb. 12, board members recommended increasing the annual fee from $225 to $300 for each school bus rider in the district.

The recommendation was significantly lower than the $450 fee the transportation committee had originally recommended.

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“We have clearly heard from parents that $450 is too much for a rider fee, but we also know that a fee increase is necessary given that an increase hasn’t occurred in ten years,” said Trustee Amy Geistlinger.

“This increase seems reasonable and is a fair compromise to many families.”

School board members also recommended increasing eligibility limits for middle school bus riders from 3.6 kilometres to four kilometres. Elementary and secondary school eligibility limits remained unchanged at three and 4.8 kilometres respectively.

The board will likely make a final decision on Feb. 26.

Registration for busing is expected to open to the public on March 2.


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